About – Civilian Internment in Canada: Histories and Legacies

This workshop, taking place 17-19 June 2015 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, seeks to expand the civilian internment conversation in important and exciting new critical directions.

Organized by the Canadian Society for Ukrainian Labour Research and a number of other key partners and sponsors, the workshop will to bring together scholars, community members, activists, public history professionals, educators, artists, and others with an interest in or experience with internment (including, for example, former internees, their descendants, and redress activists, among others).

Facilitating dialogue from participants from a variety of perspectives, the workshop will raise greater – and more nuanced – public awareness of the processes and consequences of civilian internment during real and perceived wartime contexts.  It will likewise examine the connections, comparisons, contrasts, and continuities between the various civilian internment ‘episodes’ in Canada, historically and into the present.  Typically these events have been considered primarily in isolation from one another; the workshop will help to encourage more comparative conversations.


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